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08:55:35 AM Jul 22nd 2016
Should CN have a YMMV page? Both Nickelodeon and Disney XD already have one.
03:21:03 PM Aug 22nd 2016
Especially since CN definitely has its share of YMMV topics relating to its content, like Nick does.
03:15:30 AM Oct 8th 2011
edited by Gundamforce
Stating "No YMMV comments in the main page.", only to add more YMMV items is not a good reasoning to remove the mentioning of the CN Real era from the summary. Not to mention, there’s still a boatload of YMMV tropes and items still left untouched on the page, and apparently there's no concern about those. If we went with that reasoning, we would need to rewrite the page altogether. Unless there's a better reason, the CN Real part is staying.
09:56:33 PM Oct 12th 2011
edited by IMBoring
"As of 2011" is not YMMV. CN Real is defunct and has been for a while. And there shouldn't be any tropes on a channel page in the first place.
12:34:56 AM Oct 15th 2011
edited by Gundamforce
I was talking about you replacing stuff like Network Decay with And the Fandom Rejoiced and Periphery Demographic and stating “No YMMV items” is entirely hypocritical. And "More recently after an attempt at transitioning to live action with CN Real" is not YMMV either. It's apart of the history of the network. Not to mention And there is no known rule against networks having trope lists, as a number of networks with trope lists would say otherwise.
08:00:25 PM Oct 15th 2011
I made separate paragraphs for the CN Real era and the modern era, so everyone can be happy. Can we get a consensus please so we don’t have to deal with mod intervention?
01:28:44 AM Oct 17th 2011
edited by IMBoring
No we don't have a consensus. The changes you just made were also YMMV, which is not suppose to be on the main page, not in the trope list or the main description. CN Real has long since ended. There's already a soapbox about and other live-action in the Network Decay page. There's no need for that to be put into here. There was nothing wrong with the way the article was written before you started changing it this way.

Also, I am NOT the one who put those potholes for And the Fandom Rejoiced and Periphery Demogragphic. But, I did go ahead and removed them for you. Now please, stop with this Edit War, or we are going to have to get the mods invloved.
08:41:44 AM Oct 22nd 2011
edited by Darkaros
Why would you remove CN Real from the description? It was a part of the channel the same way that Toonami was a part of it, and just saying "it existed" isn't YMMV in the slightest. Yes, those YMMV potholes should be removed though: See What Goes Where. Just because there's a lot of them doesn't mean they shouldn't be gradually removed.

Also, why shouldn't there be a trope list? As said, a bunch of other channels have trope lists, and in this case in specific, there should be a trope list since Cartoon Network makes a bunch of tropable shorts and original advertisements.

Edit: For futher reading on what shouldn't be there as YMMV, read exceptions for Audience Reactions. It's blatantly clear that, for example, Cartoon Network is intentionally trying for a Periphery Demographic with shows that fit outside the usual range, i.e. the PG and PG-13 shows that are pointed out in the description.

Edit edit: As a side note, I'm 90% sure that there shouldn't be works potholed to two letter sections of words when you're describing something. We should probably remove them, people already have a giant list of shows at the bottom to work off of if they're curious for what shows were popular back then.
11:12:06 AM Nov 10th 2011
It was only around for one year, and has long ended, hence it's not relevant. At any rate there are still YMMV statements, so they're going.
01:55:41 PM Nov 10th 2011
Just because something's not presently relevant doesn't mean it should be completely removed from the description. Still, the description now seems pretty good, the renaissance thing is iffy but not really needed in the first place.
02:08:17 AM Nov 11th 2011
Mod here. I agree. Please fix relevant material if at all possible. Removing stuff needs be done with great care as a last resort. The history of a network is relevant. Being in the past is not a good reason to drop stuff.
09:50:24 PM Dec 8th 2010
edited by EPIC
Media Watchdogs and Cartoon Network much?

Here's one example:

The Media Watchdogs have been keeping some sort of eye on the channel, however much it may get crap past the radar. Some conspire that the Philippine feed of Adult Swim was cancelled after a few years of airing by the censorship bureau under the Arroyo administration, The Scrappy of all presidents (This Troper feels this way for this particular reason).
02:24:28 PM Feb 24th 2011
That's not an example. That's a rumor.
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