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08:47:06 PM Jun 6th 2015
edited by morningmaple
In the "Characterization Marches On" section, the usage of the word "feminist" is completely unecessary. Feminism is not synonymous with gender equality - it is a specific group/movement which, in our modern society, is incredibly flawed. One can be for women's rights and not be a feminist.

I put this here because I want TV Tropes to understand and hopefully tweak their vocabulary in the future.
02:11:17 AM Jun 7th 2015
Actually, "feminist" is the usual term for people engaging for women's rights.
11:36:27 AM Jun 7th 2015
Perhaps, but it's unecessary here. Like I said before, one is only a feminist if they outright state they are. Assuming otherwise is like automatically pigeonholeing anyone for animal rights with PETA.
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