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06:38:02 PM Aug 8th 2014
Regarding the St. John the Divine Example, it's called the Revelation of St. John the Divine because it's St. John's revelation. As in the phrase, "I've had a revelation." Christ was revealing the future to St. John. Therefore it's John's Revelation.
05:18:40 AM Jul 4th 2014
The Antichrist example needs reworking, as to be fair it's not a settled matter in doctrine as to what "the antichrist" is (it is true that "many antichrists have come", but I'm not sure it's definitively not a character associated with The Beast in Revelation).

Furthermore, identifying 666 with Nero is just one theory, which is associated with the historicist interpretation of Revelation.
05:29:40 AM Jul 4th 2014
Reading it again, it probably doesn't need reworking wholesale, just cleaning up to get rid of the natter. I edited the 666 example.
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