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10:14:36 PM May 14th 2013
I want to set up a page describing the newest iteration of X-Men Legacy-the one about Legion. I really have no idea where to get started-I've barely edited a page before. Anyone read it and have an idea of tropes that might apply?
08:01:48 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Why was the US federal government removed the Complete Monster on YMMV? It was pretty convincing that the US government in the X-men stories is evil.
08:53:59 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Groups can't be Complete Monsters, and no, the government is never portrayed as nearly so evil as is required by the Complete Monster trope. Actually read that trope. It's not just "so and so does something bad."
04:32:53 PM Nov 13th 2012
so how about we give a the Wolverine and the X-men comic it own page, considering it has unique character and it seems to not be going nowhere on the foreseeable future, Y/N?
02:04:43 PM Aug 8th 2012

  • Pettanko: Jubilee in her earlier appearances. More recent depictions have shown her with the standard Most Common Superpower, much to the outrage of some fans.

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.
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