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01:54:46 PM Dec 30th 2013
So from what I read in one blog, Alopex apparently pulls a Heel-Face turn of some kind? Or at least betrays Shredder because Shredder killed her non-mutated family for no real good reason and then wanders off after turtles because she doesn't really have any idea what to do after that since Shredder(like in any continuity) doesn't really take betrayals kindly? Does anyone actually read this comic and would be happy to update the page?
06:23:35 AM Mar 12th 2014
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Anyhoo, bought latest issues in comixiology. And I gotta ask, does Koya count as Large Ham? I mean, all her dialog is "[Bwhaahaha, evil villain talk]" and "[Gory descriptions of what she is going to do to your insides]"
07:27:54 AM Mar 23rd 2012
Does anyone know how they solved rights issues to using characters from the 80s CBS cartoon?