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10:48:47 AM Oct 25th 2013
Is this an example of Costume Exaggeration or Costume Inertia?:
11:09:35 AM Oct 25th 2013
Exaggeration. They're both overly sexy costumes worn for roleplay purposes.

It could be argued that it's Inertia since they were originally first worn for a reason, but when they came back they're simply Call Backs, not their regular outfits.
06:28:05 AM Feb 16th 2012
We got a confirmed street date for Volume 7! According to Adam Warren's Twitter, it'll be hitting on May 3rd this year.
05:40:58 PM Aug 20th 2011
If Sistah Spooky renounces her deal with the devil, would that no longer condemn her soul to Hell?
06:24:54 PM Aug 20th 2011
This should go in Headscratchers or WMG, not in the discussion for the main article.
09:58:39 AM Feb 21st 2011
Would this apply to Fridge Brilliance:

Single Action's energy pistols have to be recocked to fire again. Could this be something to keep them from exploding or overheating if the person holding them keeps getting so trigger-happy he or she FORGETS this important step? (If you won't take care of the gun, it won't take care of you) I remember in the arcade version of "Aliens Vs. Predator" by Capcom that the Predators' energy blaster had to be watched to prevent overuse (and a forced cooldown period during which the weapon couldn't be used at all).

Also, given all the stuff Empowered goes through, even someone who says "I do!" would have long cracked or split had she not had Ninjette or Thugboy beside her.
03:43:41 AM Apr 19th 2011
Single Action himself is called out on having such an old-fashioned design in his weaponry, and basically replies that he thought it looked cool. There could be something about overheating in there, but I'm fairly certain Warren would've told us there and then, given the sort of writer he is.
01:42:36 PM Oct 21st 2010
Anyone else noted that Maid Man's got the Tyler Durden thing going on with himself?
07:17:52 AM Oct 22nd 2010
The guy who added the bit to the characters' page did. And me too.
10:03:40 AM Feb 21st 2011
Then again, he's one of the few heroes who's not a jerk or worse to Emp (and the only one without intrinsic superpowers) so he doesn't fall into the "with great power comes greater ego and sometimes great jerk-ass-ery" trap a few of the other Superhomies, Major Havok being Exhibit "A" are in.
08:18:28 AM Jul 30th 2010
Octochan: Is it just me, or are Emp, Thugboy and Ninjette all Expies of Caitlin Fairchild, Grunge and Roxy from Gen13?
09:12:39 AM Sep 28th 2010
Didn't read those yet, but could be. Some folks also compare Thugboy to Hollowpoint Ninja (from another work of Adam Warren).
11:09:05 PM Jan 26th 2011
Visually, there's only a slight resemblance - Emp seems to have nearly the same hair with which Warren drew Caitlin, but otherwise, it's visually down to Warren's style of drawing. Personality-wise, the only thing Emp and Cait have in common would be maybe their thoughts on how people perceive them, their ability and fight and how they look. Ninjette has nothing in common with Roxy save their ability to dress down, but otherwise, Ninjette's totally different - No superpowers, etc. Thugboy has, as Mo G 2 says, more in common visually with Warren's own Hollowpoint Ninja, from the Livewires series he wrote for Marvel. Warren did, of course, work on Gen13 and is responsible for the book's 'best run', so if you see any resemblances between that and this, that might be why. But otherwise, expies is a bit much, when they don't have that much in common.
06:41:45 PM Mar 19th 2010
Whitewings: The moment Emp and Spooky share at the end of Vol. 5 has to be a trope, but I have no idea what it's called. I suppose it might be related to Enemy Mine, but it's definitely not that trope. Any thoughts?
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