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07:28:28 PM May 2nd 2010
edited by Popette
Scarecrow getting a yellow power ring. Anyone else love, love, love that? Any other Jonathan Crane fangirls and boys? C'mon... There have to be some... My little plastic power ring and I aren't alone in this, are we?
03:11:07 PM May 6th 2010
One can dream. One... can dream. But how would he still fit in Bat-Continuity?
04:45:37 PM May 16th 2010
No, no, it did happen. But he got it taken away.
09:09:39 AM May 18th 2010
I know. You were talking about him staying one.

I was just wondering how Scarecrow would still be in Bat-Continuity if he kept the ring.

But hey, Lex has been visited by Larfleeze in Brightest Day, so maybe...
07:04:44 PM Apr 21st 2010
12:35:46 AM Apr 22nd 2010
edited by biznizz
Real reason: Because except for maybe Woodrue, all of the so-called "New Guardians" are dead, and as such, no one remembers our favorite cokehead.

Fake reasons: Because Nekron didn't need a druggie on his team of genocidal zombies.

Because Snowflame had already risen from the grave amongst the marijuana leaves.
05:00:02 AM Apr 19th 2010
Regarding this "Justifying Edit for a Justifying Edit": *** Sinestros have been fighting side-by-side with the GL s for quite a few issues now, and Violet has become completely controllable; why would it blow up in their faces? Red, while uncontrollable, still kills Black Lanterns by the friggin' dozens, as we saw with Gardner. When did Orange do anything useful, ever? This actually crosses over into extreme Wall Banger territory when you remember that the one Orange Lantern they already have with them has done nothing with his 100,000% percent charge except hug his battery. And whine. And bitch. A lot.

Maybe you've got a point about Violet being more controllable than it originally was. I was thinking more along the lines of "Sapphire!Diana being controlled by a crystal after B.N. ended" scenario.

Sinestro Corps is pretty much a hit or miss. Let's suppose a Black Lantern killed Scarecrow before he could be deputized and the ring went to, like, Zsasz. Then he would use that ring to kill as many living people as he could. Or maybe it would go to the Joker, since nearly everyone in DCU Earth is flat out fucking terrified of him. (And yes, Joker is still alive).

I don't know what your talking about with Red, since the only reason that Guy was able to kill any Black Lanterns after getting the Red ring was because he still had his Green one. Red alone or, what the hell, ANY Corps alone cannot kill a Black Lantern. THEY NEED ANOTHER POWER SIGNATURE FROM A RIVAL CORPS. That's why Atrocitus went to get Larfleeze, so he could kill B.L.s by himself.

Orange, I'll admit, seems like a poor choice in judgment, but maybe it just produced a deputy ring just because the procedure Ganthet used to deputize himself just affected the other rings, which is what he wanted. Orange was probably a small price to pay to get more deputies. After all, fourteen Lanterns on Earth means that on average they'll be able to kill more B.L.s than just thirteen (not to mention the bad luck.)

One last thing: I like this series. I don't gush about it. There are plenty of problems I could come up with about it, like pointing out some errors or flaws. And I don't hesitate to. But as a troper, I like to delve into examining what subject I'm currently into. If it's a subject I like, I'll analyze it and maybe find stuff that doesn't make sense. If it's a subject I hate, I'll analyze it and maybe find something that turns out to be Fridge Brilliance. If somebody wants to get more involved into a trope that's on a page, let them. Otherwise this wiki loses a good portion of it's purpose.
06:49:29 AM Apr 19th 2010
That didn't make a lick of sense to me.

You're obviously not neutral about the series, as you admit Orange was "a poor choice in judgement" and yet you went ahead and kept your Justifying Edit while deleting my post anyway. WTH,H?

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