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03:21:56 PM Nov 27th 2011
Just a reminder that this page exists, and that it should be used for such topics as "Does this series count as a subversion of Handicapped Hero, and if so, how?"
03:42:52 PM Nov 27th 2011
edited by JBK405
Fair enough.

My point with deleting the recent additions is not that I in any way disagre with the points being made (I was, and am, a firm fan of Oracle and Barbara's role with the Birds of Prey, and am well aware of her significance as one of comics few disabled superheroes that doesn't have some sort of compensation for her disability), just that the entire sequence of events did not occur within this series. Tropes are storytelling devices, these pages document what happened within these series and what happened during the production of these series, they're not designed for debating the merit or quality of the series, and tropes appearing in other works are not tropes for this work.

Within this series there was nothing to set up Barbara as a Token Minority; the series opened with her out of the chair, so the trope was not subverted here. You could make a very valid argument for listing the trope as subverted within the larger DC Universe or on the Batgirl page, since those two cover the larger world, including past series where she was a Token Minority, but not here.

The Token Minority trope, and related subversions/aversions/inversions, simply aren't present in this series as described by wiki policy and rules.
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