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11:05:43 AM Apr 12th 2012
edited by Joysweeper
Why did this get redirected to Comic Book? It's a book series. There's a comic series under this name which is part of it, but the novels are the main thing.

And the comics came out only barely before the books started, and the books aren't based on the comics... It's only the later issues of either that even make a serious effort to tie each other in.
08:08:16 PM Sep 19th 2012
Can it be fixed?
11:07:30 AM Oct 16th 2010
I though a "refresher" was one of those "efficiency over comfort" things that was basically a toilet, shower and sink crammed together into one small space. I forget what they're called, but they range in size from "so small that it can be divided into four parts: the shower, the sink, the toilet, and where you stand" to "a shower with a toilet built into it". I forget what they're called, but "refresher" sounds like it would mean that instead of JUST a toilet.
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