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11:57:05 AM Feb 9th 2011
DMOS, Fridge Logic and Fridge Horror for Valhalla? Everything has its negative moments and, though the 15th and final album was awesome again, my personal one for Valhalla was Vol. 14 (The Wall) in its entirety. From the first page on there's Fridge Logic (Why would the giants talk bout there plans when Loki is near, how did he even get there when he had no birdskin with him?) a big DMOS for Loki (When the gods confront him about the pre-payment, instead of living up to his reputation as sly trickster with a silver tongue and say he won/found it or that the builder did not want it or something he outright admits it) and ends with one big example of Fridge Squick. After all, the stallion has the hots for Loki and won't stop till, well, you can guess. And Loki is NOT a shapeshifter in the Valhalla-verse. (Which itself is another, if mild and small DMOS)
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