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10:54:57 AM May 27th 2010
edited by Klaudandus
Am I the only one that would love to see this animated, sorta like GI Joe Resolute?

Also, thanks to everyone else that has contributed to this entry.
02:34:32 PM Nov 1st 2010
Hey. As co-writer of Last Stand of the Wreckers and writer of Bullets, can I just say how thrilled I am at the love and attention you've shown the story?

I was already a big fan of this site before Wreckers, and seeing the series dissected so thoroughly is wonderful.

Aside from that, I'm writing in response to the 'Fridge Logic' trope concerning Prowl's failure to ask after the fate of the G9 prisoners. I just want to say (and I hope I've interpreted the meaning of the trope correctly) that the omission was deliberate: it is supposed to betray his real priorities. Securing Aequitas comes first, and rescuing prisoners is second. The name of the mission - Operation: Retrieval - reinforces this. And just to show that I'm not trying to retrofit this after having read your article, I'm sure I said the same thing about Prowl's focus on the dataslug over the prisoners when Nick and I were interviewed at this year's AA.

Anyway, like I said, it's been a pleasure to read all your comments.

12:28:06 AM Nov 2nd 2010
Heh, I really should have noticed that before reading this. Springer even notes to himself that "Fort Max and his team didn't need "retrieving", they needed rescuing" in Bullets. But hey, I'm not much good with hidden meanings.
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