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08:04:50 PM Jan 19th 2013
The article states that only one person disliked the marriage, Joe Quesada. I can confirm that at least one other person, this troper, didn't like the marriage so it should say "at least 2 people, probably more" as that would be more accurate.

I didn't like the way they went about getting rid of the marriage either but seriously there's some nerd rage in that article.
11:53:55 PM Jan 10th 2013
And another discussion topic: Quesada put in how "escapist fiction is for losers"...but he prevented the perfect option for the comic to ultimately stop being escapist and to become realist. Who else believes that this marks Quesada as an idiot?
06:42:48 AM Jan 11th 2013
I guess that would count as a Broken Aesop.
11:44:41 PM Jan 10th 2013
edited by AbraSliver
Let's assume that there was some drastic major important universe-changing reason to have this arc that wasn't just "undo Spider-Girl and leave Peter single."

On one hand, we have the classic claim that Mephisto cannot do the type of magic that this event requires. Magic has rules, and they were clearly broken. In that case, this entire arc should have been nullified by the executives.

On the other hand, we have someone's claim in "A Wizard Did It" that [[Beings weaker than Mephisto have done stuff like this, and on far bigger scales with much more profound changes to the Marvel universe.]] In this case, the entire arc could have been done by talking to Doctor Doom or some analogous entity. Make it a serious marriage problem but Mary Jane opposed to divorce (for some lame back-story reason like her mom and dad getting a divorce) and have Doctor Strange summon a benevolent god to undo the marriage.

Also, something I want to question is...pregnancy can happen when unmarried. Spider-Girl might very well happen if they did a one-night-stand. So wouldn't it be possible for Spider-Girl to still exist?
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