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05:47:28 AM Dec 31st 2010
The following example doesn't fit the trope. What the Hell, Hero?'s description says it's about other characters calling out the hero on his failings, which doesn't occur in this story. It's a good example of something, probably a YMMV trope, but I'm not sure what. For all the Tear Jerker fodder of the poor puppy's death, the story really glosses over the "Hans von Hammer, Worst Pet Owner Ever" aspect. Is taking a small dog up, unsecured, in an open cockpit, into combat where you frequently have to do loops and other aerobatic maneuvers, EVER a good idea?

  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Schatzi the dog dies, Hammer pretty much gives up all pretenses of honor in combat and massacres an entire enemy squadron, some of whom were obviously surrendering and crippled. He's had duels to the death with his own pilots and sent them to the firing squad for doing the same, but losing the dog justifies him engaging in such behavior. Even worse, the dog's loss was really no one's fault but Von Hammer's own.
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