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07:00:26 AM Nov 7th 2016
edited by mortimermcmire
Someone cut off the vast majority of the page during the second bullet point of "Noble Demon"....I'm having to use an archived version of the page to restore everything that was cut. Also, the History doesn't show the cut, for some bizarre reason....all edits I made yesterday were to clean up some of the grammar and make it a bit easier to read.
08:03:54 AM Nov 7th 2016
But mortimermcmire... it was you who made the cut!

... okay, more specifically the page seemingly glitched while loading your edit and didn't load the latter half of the page, deleting it while you made one of your edits yesterday. Not your fault in the slightest, but thanks for cleaning it up.
01:03:29 PM Nov 7th 2016
Well, the Wayback Machine ( saved me in this case——and I've kept a .doc file with the ENTIRE page's edit log. Still don't know how to return hyperlinks for the "Squick" entries to certain bits...
01:15:45 PM Nov 7th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
Errrrr... the cuts are there in the history, so you could've just used that. I'm worried you may have missed something. In the future you can use the History or call a mod to do a revert.

To make a single word a Wiki Word, put double curly brackets around it. Like {{Here}}. That said, Squick is YMMV so it probably shouldn't be linked on the main page...
01:32:27 PM Nov 7th 2016
All the Squick stuff had to do with Eva Kant marrying her own uncle to get back her family name.....and the archived page had them all on the main entry, so....yeah.

Also, someone changed the page pic (it now has Diabolik in the foreground holding a knife, with Eva standing behind him), but left the "Diabolik's the one with the knife. Surprised?" caption. It....sort of doesn't fit, compared to the one of him lurking behind Ginko.....

I'll keep the History and "call a mod" options in mind if it happens again. Thanks for the tips.
01:55:06 PM Nov 7th 2016
edited by rafi
I changed the main pic because is not sense have, like main pic, a pic where the main character is in background (plus, was one of many cover with credits). Delete the caption (or change) if not fit anymore.
02:07:42 PM Nov 7th 2016
It doesn't not fit, it just doesn't fit as well. I'd say leave it.
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