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11:43:46 PM Mar 6th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page:

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Some of the fourteen accepted signs of divinity are listed as: healing the afflicted, blighting the crops, calling down lightning, eating the moon, and answering the phone before it rings. Also ... and finish my bath.
    • You forgot "Be the Winslow", which is the only sign that The Winslow exhibits.
    • No, it also has "be indestructible" and "be immortal", which the Winslow definitely exhibits.

11:46:56 PM Mar 6th 2010
For the record, it's explicitly stated that the Winslow does not [...] display any of the fourteen Accepted Signs of Divinity. (Except, of course, for number fourteen itself, which is: “Be The Winslow.”)

And neither "be indestructable" nor "be immortal" is listed as one of the Fourteen Accepted Signs. (It's mentioned elsewhere that in the vast array of lifeforms in Buck's galaxy, immortality is not particularly unusual.)
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