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01:56:16 PM Dec 22nd 2012
"Trope folders are for the characters' miniseries, not the characters themselves." So how do we handle character tropes ?Do we enter character tropes that only feature in this minseries, or tropes that already are listed on the original Watchmen page?
01:15:30 PM Dec 24th 2012
If we do make a character page, should it redirect to the regular watchmen, or be its own page.

Also, Should we divide the YMMV up by series as well?
01:14:39 AM Dec 26th 2012
At the moment I think we should put Before Watchmen-exclusive character tropes in the folder for the appropriate miniseries. I'll change the text accordingly, but everyone's free to change it more if they feel the need to.
10:05:48 PM Dec 26th 2012
Oh, I get it now, you meant about adding the character tropes in the series that they appear, I thought you meant starting a character page, or using the Watchmen one, and having the character tropes, as opposed to the story ones, placed there exclusively. Thanks for the clarity.