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12:01:52 PM Jan 26th 2011
edited by JBK405
With Batwoman's own series coming out in a few weeks (Yay!) I think we need to decide if this page is a character page or a work page so we can be prepared for how to address new information.

Right now it's clearly a character page; it contains tropes from several different series (Primarily 52 and her run on Detective Comics) and even different continuities (Regarding the original Batwoman). However, if we want to include tropes relevant to whole series when it comes out (Including character tropes for other people, event tropes, etc.) we'll need to delete all these "extra" tropes that refer to Batwoman outside of this new series.

If we do decide to make this a series page we can recreate this page at Batwoman as a proper character page, or we can decide to leave this as the character page and not transform it into a series page.

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