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09:48:57 AM Sep 21st 2016
Moving this here for further discussion, as while it applies to the DK-verse as a whole, it doesn't apply to this particular work in full.

12:17:59 PM Sep 28th 2015
Is this organizational layout a good idea? It feels like it will make it difficult to navigate for tropers who aren't extremely familiar with the different types of tropes
01:49:49 AM Sep 29th 2015
Generally, these kinds of "thematic" splits are bad ideas, indeed.
01:59:24 PM May 26th 2016
For what it's worth, I edited the page so the tropes are now listed alphabetically instead in type-specific folders. Apparently that was the idea of Willbyr a couple of years back and his only edit reason given was "starting to rearrange tropes into folders", which wasn't really implemented aside from this page.

If there's any issue with what I've done, please feel free revert the page to how it was originally laid out.
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