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10:58:26 AM Jun 11th 2015
Insulting a couple of billion people in one shot: "Phoebe Buffay is probably the most well-known example for a mass-media audience. For instance, she doesn't believe in evolution or gravity, and was convinced that her deceased mother's spirit returned in a cat." So, all Hindus and Buddhists are Cloud Cuckoolanders?!
02:49:56 PM Jun 11th 2015
Yeah... Phoebe's beliefs had nothing to do with religious reincarnation. She just saw a random cat and decided it's her mother.
05:29:14 PM Sep 10th 2013
This page needs some fixing with Example Indentation and Zero Context Examples.
Anyway, I removed these entries because it was not very clear if they fit or they don't list concrete examples.

This looks like Conversation on the Main Page.
  • In Green Acres, everyone in Hooterville except (maybe) Oliver Wendell Douglas seemed to be a Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Which would make Hooterville Cloudcuckooland, wouldn't it?
    • Or would it make Oliver the Cloudcuckoolander? Most of the characters on the show thought he was nuts, especially when he starts speechifying about the nobility of the American farmer.
    • Definitely the latter, in a kind of subversion of the trope. The people of Hooterville operate on their own weird plane of illogic that, nonetheless, seems perfectly normal to them (and works, in a surreal little town where the laws of phsyics, cause and effect, etc. seem to be suspended). Ditzy Lisa fits right in and is attuned to their mindset (she even understands Arnold the Pig's grunts, as do the townsfolk). It's Oliver who in this bizarro world is the Cloudcuckoolander — his appeals to logic, science, law, and "common sense" are viewed by Hootervilleans as somewhat "out there."

  • Everyone in the little Vermont town in Newhart apart from Dick and Joanna. Which makes even more sense when you realize that the town is All Just a Dream of a psychologist.

This was too much of a Natter. Examples should be Clear Concise And Witty. (From A Team example in the article.)

  • He'd prefer to stay there because he was the only member of the A-Team who wasn't charged with the crime, so if he was let out of the hospital, he'd have to re-assimilate to normal society and would not be able to work with the A-Team anymore.
  • This idea is played with in the late Season 1 episode "The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing," when he's kicked out of the hospital because he's been declared sane (he declares "my career is OVAH!"). At the episode's climax, Murdock manages to guide Hannibal through flying a plane with his eyes shut (Murdock couldn't fly it because his eyes had been burned by discharge from a gun) and seems pretty sane and resigned to the idea of being normal again. But when he gets back to the hospital, it turns out that the doctor who released him was crazy, and Murdock protests that he had a release paper, and quickly relapsed into insanity:
Murdock: I AM SANE!! S-A-N-E!!! SOUND!!!! SENSIBLE!!!!! *gets dragged off to his room*
  • Face even admits that he suspects Murdock is the only one of the team who actually is sane

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