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08:40:02 AM Jul 6th 2012
Should we add the actors who played the hosts as well? As was referenced in that other Wiki:

Nate Shapiro (voiced by Harry Gottlieb) Nate Shapiro was the first host of the series. He hosts Vol. 1, the Netshow, the tabletop game, and hosts for part of YDKJ: The Ride. He is not to be confused with "Nate the Intern" from the Flash incarnation (voiced by Production & SQA Coordinator Nathan Fernald).[2][3] — trivia about Harry: He's the founder of Jellyvision, the company that produced the game series. Guy Towers (voiced by Andy Poland) He appears in Sports, Sports: The Net Show, and part of The Ride. Buzz Lippman (voiced by Peter B. Spector) This host has appeared in two versions: Vol. 2 and The Ride, the latter which he only appeared in briefly. Cookie Masterson (voiced by Tom Gottlieb) He is one of the most well-known of the hosts. He originally served as the sign-in host, taking down players' names in the opening green room segments of Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Sports. He hosts Movies, Vol. 3, the Netshow, the first PlayStation version, part of The Ride, Offline, YDKJ-2011, the iOS version, and the 2012 Facebook version. He also hosts the webshows and daily Dis Or Dats that appeared on the YDKJ website from December 2006 through September 2008, (With one special episode in November 2010.) Gottlieb was also the announcer for the short-lived YDKJ TV show in 2001. — Trivia about Tom: He also did voice-overs for the dating show "The 5th Wheel" and currently heard doing them for "Whacked-Out Sports." Josh "Schmitty" Schmitstinstein (voiced by Phil Ridarelli) Josh Schmitstinstein, or "Schmitty", is the most recent of all the American CD-ROM hosts. He hosts in TV, part of The Ride, The Netshow, Louder! Faster! Funnier! (a second Offline game), 5th Dementia, Mock 2 (the second PlayStation game), & The Lost Gold. He also hosted one particular question in Cookie's volume of Offline. He also announced the sponsors in the 2011, iOS, and Facebook versions of the game. Bob (voiced by Andy Poland) The host of Head Rush. Could be heard over Cookie's intercom in 2011 and the Facebook game. Jack Cake (voiced by Paul Kaye) The host of the only British version of YDKJ. Quizmaster Jack (voiced by Axel Malzacher in Vol. 1 and Kai Taschner in Vol. 2, 3: 'Downward', PlayStation, & 4) The host of the German volumes. Troy Stevens (played by Paul Reubens) The host of the 2001 YDKJ TV show.

07:24:20 PM Nov 11th 2014
If you haven't already, then do it.
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