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10:13:52 AM Jan 21st 2017
edited by LupoCani
Regarding the sorting of the characters-

With recent developments, Hyuse has been added to the protagonists' team. This brings up a few questions.

First, if and where Hyuse should be moved. One could argue he is still a neighbor first and foremost, and keep him where he is. He is officially enlisted under the Tamakoma branch, so he could be put in that category as well. And of course, since he's a member of the Tamakoma-2 squad, we could put him under the main character tab along with Mikumo, Kuga and Amatori.

The last alternative is slightly problematic. The people currenctly under the Main Character tab are there because of how they're presented promotionally (for example) and the author specifically naming them as "equally" main(Despite, for example, Jin having way less screen time and the story never being told from his perspective). If Hyuse is to be included, we are moving away from that definition, and should perhaps split the involved characters into T2 (Mikumo, Kuga, Amatori, Hyuse) and Tamakoma (Jin, -Shiori(Primariliy a T1 member), and those already under this tab) I'm not sure where Replica would fall.

Given no further opinions or suggestions, I shall go ahead with the one option that isn't technically wrong in any way, and move Hyuse to the Tamakoma tab.
10:50:11 AM Feb 10th 2017
Sorry for the late answer, i dont use my account too much. I agree. Perhaps the ideal thing would be this:

-Tamakoma-2 (Osamu, Yuma, Chika, Hyuse, Shiori) -Tamakoma Branch (Rindo, Yuri, Renji, Torimaru, Kirie, canadian guy, Replica could go here too) -Border Staff -A Class Units -B Class Units -Neighbors -Others

But im not going to complain.
04:00:42 PM Feb 17th 2017
edited by LupoCani
I would argue Shiori belongs to Tamakoma in general, seeing as she really does operate the entire branch at once. Otherwise, that seems like a sound option. Also, with >12 people under Tamakoma, perhaps we should make that it's own sub-page, with a parenthesis "(main characters and more)"?

Edit: Another thing we might want to look at is how the main characters are sorted in the manual, aka the BFF. Specifically, how they aren't. Apparently, they're just somewhere in the second half of the book with all the other B-rank agents. Since there's official precedent for flat-out ignoring their role in the plot, I think we would be justified in doing something similar here, if we think it would benefit the sanity of the sorting.
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