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04:29:57 AM Apr 11th 2018
OK, we really need to give Nia Jax a page of her own as a priority, now that she's Smackdown Women's Champion.
08:25:51 PM Apr 12th 2016
With the "Divas" name being dropped, I think we should rename the page to WWE Female Wrestlers, or something to that effect.
04:54:39 AM Apr 13th 2016
06:10:40 AM Apr 15th 2014
I think we should dump Layla and Michelle McCool's remaining tropes into LayCool to save more space.
06:44:14 AM May 3rd 2014
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Why? LayCool has tropes regarding their time as tag team. As Layla is only remaining member, with Michelle having retired, any tropes that occur after have nothing to do with them as a team.
06:25:06 AM May 21st 2014
To save space. While the team is done, Layla and Michelle have not done anything to overshadow it, before or since. Maybe if Lay Cool's page got exceptionally large I could see splitting off their individual tropes to other pages but I think its size will be pretty static for the foreseeable future. This WWE divas page, it's bound to grow as long as NXT is around and WWE continues to offer the most exposure and best paycheck on the continent. Combined with every other reference to Michelle or Layla linking to the Laycool anyway and it just seems like an easy fix.

I'd just munch together smaller wrestler pages than having a bunch of stubs sticking around the wiki. CM Punk's has too much text and Daffney's role is to inconsequential to the rest of her career to lump the Second City Saints but Low Ki's page is so small I wouldn't mind lumping in all the Rottweilers. They're all renowned for what they did in ROH and still pretty close to what they were during that run (and Low Ki's the only one beyond stub)

I could see Brodie Lee tropes separate from the Wyatt Family, I think that's a pretty isolated part of his career, dissimilar and making no reference to anything before. I could see splitting Tyler Black or John Moxley from the Shield, even though it does tie to their time in FCW and is similar to roles they took before, just because that page is so large already that information on the individual men gets drowned out. I don't think Laycool is at either point, so we could save space putting Layla and Michelle's tropes there.
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