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10:21:29 AM Jan 4th 2013
Should we have "Enemy Eats Your Lunch" for Megatron?

"Triple Takeover" had Megatron tell Starscream, "Shut up! The Triple Changers are MY lunch, not HIS!" when Optimus Prime makes Megatron think the Triple Changers are more worthy leaders than he is. (averted figuratively)

(played straight somewhat) The last part of "GI Joe vs. the Transformers" volume 1 had Optimus decively beat Megatron, snatch Megatron's fusion cannon off his arm (to put it on his own arm) and then use an energon cube to fuel the weapon to snipe a out-of-control Solar-Power-Satellite from the sky. Given the pink cubes are usually "Decepticon-grade" energon...

07:09:27 AM Dec 3rd 2012
One other thing to point was the Stunticons have a Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work (aka "Big Damn Villains" moment in "Starscream's Brigade") thanks to Motormaster convincing them Starscream might not stop with just beating Megatron and Devastator: they form Menasor and take Bruticus down.
07:18:30 AM Dec 3rd 2012
That's closer to Villainous Rescue, I believe.
02:11:27 PM Nov 19th 2012
For the sake of everyone's sanity, let's assume that no one knows who the hell Scourge and Cyclonus are, and never again make any references to their origins on this site, OK?
02:57:44 PM Nov 19th 2012
Yeah, I was thinking at some point the edit warring over that was going to have to get commented on.
01:19:38 AM Dec 4th 2012
I've restored it, since A. It's important context-wise and B. There was no flame wars as far as everyone being content with how the issue of their identities were presented.

01:32:24 AM Dec 4th 2012
If someone wants to make a go at writing a better sort of statement/trope entries about this crucial aspect of the characters, be my guest. But it needs to be included: especially since the situation with Scourge, the writers have never really objected to the notion that Scourge is Thundercracker and the Sweeps Insecticon clones and in the case of Cyclonus, at least list all the major suspects (Bombshell, Skywarp, Life Spark) need to be mentioned as possible suspects of his true identity. And maybe toss in how in how in later incarnations of G1, both characters have no baggage of past identities and were either created outright by Unicron or were normal Decepticons who got corrupted by the Dead Universe....
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