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08:31:34 AM Aug 10th 2011
But not too bi?

Are we watching the same show here? Jack being in love with the Doctor, a man, in case you forgot, and waiting a century for him is in no way treated as just sexual. And how can you even suggest Jack and Ianto's relationship was merely casual as Jack weeps while Ianto dies in his arms in Co E? Or tells him flat out in The House of the Dead that he loves him and out of everyone he's lost, Ianto is the one he wanted to see the most. If anything, Jack is bi with a preference for males. Is anyone ok with me deleting this?
08:00:34 PM Aug 20th 2011
I also want to bring up the recent episode of Miracle Day. You can't tell me he didn't fall hard for Angelo.
05:29:22 AM Aug 21st 2011
So true! Actually, looking back at Torchwood in general, it's pretty obvious he has a preference for men. How many actual girlfriends has he had on the show as recurring characters? Now compare that to John Hart, Ianto, Angelo, and the fact that he's been openly in love with the Doctor for centuries. If you wann say he's not too bi, then it's more like he's loser to gay than straight.
03:48:22 AM Jun 12th 2010
Can we use these in the article please?
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