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07:45:26 AM Apr 26th 2017
We need to update the page for the new trio.
02:23:56 AM Sep 12th 2011
edited by benteen
I think it's time to create separate pages for Top Gear USA (or whatever it's called... I don't watch it, myself, so it means someone else gets to do it). :-)
10:01:05 AM Aug 25th 2010
Was just thinking about individual presenter photos — anyone got suggestions before I go digging up screencaps?

  • Jeremy Clarkson: I imagine a picture with his Ford GT may be appropriate — e.g. the "little teapot" refueling pose from supercar road trip to Millau Viaduct, France.

  • Richard Hammond: If Oliver didn't have his own entry, I'd say take it from the Botswana Special, but instead I think maybe a shot from one of the amphibious car challenges? Suggestions desired.

  • James May: Possibility A: With his Casio keyboard. Possibility B: His introduction, with his Bentley.

  • The Presenters Collectively: Don't need another picture ... unless it's really entertaining. Convertible People Carrier? Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust? Renault Avantime tuning?

  • The Stig: Something from the London race, perhaps? Or possibly better: the 1500-pound not-a-Porsche challenge, driving the grandfather clock on the alpine handling course, when he was so disgusted he took his hand off the wheel to gesture to the TG3.

  • Top Gear Dog: A small picture from her introduction.

  • Top Gear Stuntman: I've no idea — any suggestions, or should I just grab one when one catches my eye?

  • Jason Dawe: Likewise — any suggestions?

  • Steve: From the Britcar race, obviously.

  • Oliver: From the Botswana Special, probably before takeoff.
06:37:53 PM Sep 10th 2010
One for Hammond (width: 270 pixels):

12:46:19 PM Sep 25th 2010
edited by RobinZimm
Even Clarkson can feel fear in a Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegigisegggg (width: 267 pixels):

01:39:00 PM Sep 25th 2010
James May makes music in an earth-mover (width: 242 pixels):

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