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09:37:58 AM Oct 13th 2012
Nemesis's entry in the characters page has a case of wiki schizo, since it has both Bastard Girlfriend (formerly known as 'Abusively Sexy Woman') and Unsexy Sadist. Which fits better?
04:13:15 PM Mar 2nd 2012
Momo is either Cute and Psycho or Yandere, She has been shown to react with intense bloodlust towards anyone who interferes with her Harem plan and/or puts Rito in danger.
05:07:33 AM Mar 3rd 2012
Well, Momo didn't exactly go Rena on their heads. If anything, it may count as a very tame variation of Unstoppable Rage, but I think not even that. Really, she just was seriously pissed off.
03:56:10 AM Dec 28th 2011
edited by OneMore
Should we make a folder for Tearju? I wanted to, but I'm not sure it's neccessary to have a separate one from Black Cat.

Edit: Disregard that, Tearju is not on Black Cat characters page. Making.
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