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05:53:27 PM Apr 9th 2014
Does anyone think that the Baltimore police should be broken into several subfolders? Maybe one for the MCU detectives, one for commanders like Burrell, Rawls, Valchek, Colvin, etc. and then an other for minor character like Santangelo? As it is that's by far the bulkiest folder, and it feels like it needs some order put to it.
10:58:57 PM Apr 9th 2014
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It's a good idea. I was thinking about it the other day when adding "other characters" (the folders used to be divided by seasons, I just re-organized the characters by roles some time ago). Go ahead. There are nuances to be considered, as some of the minor characters from Homicide or the districts -Santangelo and Dozerman for instance- also worked in Daniel's details, a proto MCU or elsewhere at first, while Carver is never part of the MCU, he works the first seasons details but he moves to the Western district when the unit is officially established after the Sobotka case.

MCU emcopassing the special details of the first two seasons will do too.

And the thing is, when the page reaches 500k it may need a hard split too due to wiki technical restrictions.

02:37:19 AM Apr 30th 2014
Made some changes on the relevant subpage. I split things up between The MCU, Homicide, and police commanders, which is pretty much anyone other than Daniels with a rank of Lieutenant or above. I put Santangelo in Homicide, especially because he almost never bothered to show up for work in the MCU, (I've started doing a rewatch and am almost done with the first season) so really he was Homicide first and foremost until he got demoted.

I think that should be good for right now because there honestly aren't too many cops from other departments worth looking at. Eventually it may be worthwhile to add another folder for Others, and throw a few who do get some characterization like Colicchio or Officer Walker, but either I or someone else will get to that another day.
03:02:01 AM Jul 30th 2012
I've removed this from Rawls

  • Heel-Face Turn: A subtle one. For most of the first season it seems he's nothing more than a Bad Boss with somewhat of a personal grudge against McNulty. After Kima gets shot and he comforts McNulty (in his own particular way) he appears less of an outright Jerkass. From that episode throughout the subsequent seasons, we see a lighter side of him much more often.

Not the trope, there is not a change of morals or "team", just an abusive pet the dog moment already covered below. And on the softer side... he still rips other subordinates with gusto regularly. I won't even say jerkass with a heart of gold like Landsman.
04:13:49 AM May 25th 2011
edited by JackSlack
I've got some issue with McNulty being described as 'good but not nice'. Yes, it's true that he's at least unhappy with the state of Baltimore to just go along with the institutional corruption and play the numbers game. But he's motivated by pride and vanity; not a desire for justice but a need to prove he's smarter than the criminals. Should we let it stand, or is there a better trope?
02:58:38 AM Jul 30th 2012
I find it ok, he's a nominal goodie being a cop, self-centered but bottomline at the end of the day, his feud against the bad guys aims for a better Baltimore, he is genuinenly appalled, on a human level, by random women and guetto victims murders not being persued.
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