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06:31:30 AM Feb 10th 2016
I'm going to propose that sometime in the near future, we make a whole character page just for Rick. He's got probably the biggest character folder of the entire cast, and his folder is longer than the rest of his family combined. Also on said page, we should probably split up his folder into sections like A-E, F-L or something along those lines.

However, I also understand that maybe we shouldn't given that since Lori, Carl, and Judith all take up less space on the page than Rick, it wouldn't make much difference.

This isn't a big issue, and it's understandable that Rick has the biggest folder considering he's the main protagonist. And it's quite possible we need to make his folder more succinct. However, his folder is probably only going to keep expanding as the show goes on, and probably by the time the show gets to maybe, season 8 or so, he'll definitely be better off with his own page.

Thoughts? Like I said it's not urgent and I'm not deadset on it, I just think it might be a good idea, if not now, then in the near future.
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