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12:11:44 PM Feb 17th 2012
Should Dave and Tony be on this list? They were only in one episode.
12:51:15 AM Mar 7th 2012
Anyone can be on a character list if someone's willing to trope them and they actually show up at all within the work. I think a general not-really-rule is that if it has a name and three relevant tropes, there's a place for it on this site. So yes, Dave and Tony can be on this list, especially since their scenes seem to constitute the beginning of a major conflict within the show.
12:10:09 PM Nov 19th 2011
edited by tricksterson
So, is Shane the Token Evil Teammate or an Anti-Hero? I would say the latter, of the Type IV variety.
11:33:44 AM Nov 29th 2011
edited by ForgottenJedi
Anti-Hero's can be Token Evil Teammate's. It says that on the Token Evil Teammate page.
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