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11:53:09 AM Jan 9th 2011
@Orihime: I've seen that you have moved all pictures to left-aligned instead of right aligned. You said that it looked weird on older monitors. Could you elaborate what was the problem?

With right aligned pictures the bullets of bullet lists overlap with the pictures (on Firefox 3.6.13, Windows 7), and I also think that forcing text after the pictures would result in lots of white space in the article (as it already does at some characters).

So I think the ideal solution would be left-aligned pictures without this overlapping thing. But I'm sure that back when I added the pictures I couldn't manage to do that. Do you have an idea?

12:19:52 PM Jan 9th 2011
More than older monitors, it looks really ugly in smaller ones. I have a netbook and the layout of the page is more or less fine if in a nnormal PC with a monitor, but completely screwed when I view it on my 'book:. This means, all the pictures are "moved" much lower from where they should be: the last time, i.e., Riyo's picture was completely at the bottom, where her name is. (I'm ESL, so it's a little hard to explain it in English. Sorry if I'm not helpful in that sense)

I'm not sure of what could be done to make the page layout-friendly to more or less all the screen sizes. If someone could find a nice third option, I'd be grateful since it looks like it didn't work as well as I thought.

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