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07:51:03 AM Feb 24th 2013
This line:

  • Exact Words: He phrases his prophecies like this sometimes. One especially poignant example: "Belkar will take his last breath — ever — before the end of the year." Fulfilled when Malack turns him into a vampire, as undead don't breathe. However, in his offhand remarks, which are also pretty accurate, he's also mentioned that Belkar shouldn't fund his IRA, should savor his next birthday cake, and is not long for this world, which implies that undead Belkar shouldn't get too comfy in his long-term survival.

Was deleted, with the edit reason "We dont know that Malack is a vampire, or that he's killed Belkar. This is speculation and should wait for actual confirmation."

I really don't know how to respond to that other than "Yes he is and yes he did." But I don't want to cause an edit war.
09:20:27 AM Feb 24th 2013
The main point is that it wasn't yet confirmed in the comic. Even if very likely, it's too soon, which make it speculation, which should be avoided on the example pages. Once clearly confirmed in-story, the example can be expanded.
09:24:54 AM Feb 24th 2013
We know that Malack is a vampire because of Word of God.
12:27:38 PM Feb 24th 2013
You got a link to that Word of God? I believe you, it's just linking that in the edit reason will make life easier.
07:56:24 AM Feb 25th 2013
Well, I daresay the vampire thing is a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit confirmed.
07:57:09 AM Feb 25th 2013
The vampire thing is confirmed, but Belkar being turned into one isn't. Durkon interrupts that.
09:50:08 PM Feb 28th 2013
... you were the one saying that Malack being a vampire was WOG.
05:59:13 AM Dec 30th 2011
I'm tempted to move Qarr to The Linear Guild page, but that would be a bit spoilery. Too soon?
07:48:34 AM Feb 24th 2013
Too soon. Plus, I think he might be a temporary member anyway, so it's probably not worth bringing up.
08:49:15 AM Mar 3rd 2013
I agree. I've resolved it with spoilered folders for the new LG members, with a link to the correct page, as I've seen done on other works with multiple, overlapping characters pages.
03:37:04 PM Sep 1st 2011
This shit with the Ranch Dressing Elemental is ridiculous. Do we need to make a poll?
04:01:32 PM Sep 1st 2011
I went on Ask The Tropers about the edit war, but might as well give my opinion here. I think they should stay. For one thing, since V will probably be on that plane for a while, I'm not so sure they are one time characters.

Also, the (canonical) non-human races have tended to get character pages. Likewise, the lawyers are on a character sheet, and they are definitely joke characters.
04:25:57 PM Sep 1st 2011
No. Let's leave the joke characters alone unless they have a recurring role. Otherwise we'll be listing Random Halberd Guys #1-33. (And if we are doing that, we need to stop — I haven't been watching this page and don't have time to read through it now.)
04:28:23 PM Sep 1st 2011
That sounds fair. If they do reappear, they're a valid example, but probably not otherwise. I don't think Random Halberd Guys 1-33 are listed, which is too bad, since they are some of my favorite characters : 0 )
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