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06:24:21 AM Nov 5th 2013
This item about The Sheriffs is being edit warred over. Please sort this out in discussion, not edit warring or arguing in edit reasons.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He only appeared in the second episode of the series, but makes it to Jane's final seven list.
06:09:55 PM Nov 5th 2013
I'd actually tried to settle this in P Ms, but forsetipurge was not cooperating.

If Mc Allister only appeared in the second episode, then who the hell was that Sheriff in "Redwood" with the exact same uniform and face?
05:54:58 AM Nov 6th 2013
Me not cooperating? Where are your sources, Wild Goose? Your edit is backed by whom? IMDB? Reddit? The Mentalist wikia? Dude just looks like Mc Allister. You think he is Mc Allister, but he isn't. Simple as that. And no, please don't ask me to torrent this series.
06:43:25 AM Nov 8th 2013
OK, going off by the websites I can find...

both reddit, IMDB and the-artifice say he only appears once. tvcom cites a different character and actor for the sheriff in Redwood. And Wikipedia doesn't mention him at all. And an almost-identical character isn't necessarily the same person. So with that info I vote to keep the "appears only once" .
11:08:23 AM Nov 10th 2013
How about that? This is a settled affair.
11:14:55 AM Nov 10th 2013
Yeah, even to me it seems that enough time's passed to add it back.
10:17:17 PM Nov 10th 2013
Let me do the honor, then. Please.
10:45:45 PM Nov 13th 2013
That actually moved a lot faster than I expected - been sick the last week, but yeah, this is what we call Judgement in Default. (When the defendant doesn't show up to contest the case. Plaintiff automatically wins.)

Also, I will again reiterate that I had attempted to discuss this with forsetipurge but he refused to reply back to my PM. And I take offense at the implication that I would have asked him to do something illegal by torrenting the series - I bought the Season 1 DVD box set and was watching it on disc.

(That said, whether or not the nicely packaged DVD box sets, with holographic stickers from the Malaysian Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs asserting that this is a genuine product, are considered bootlegs or illegal is a murky area. Under Malaysian law they're legal enough... and isn't this series no iTunes?)
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