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01:02:15 PM Mar 16th 2013
Just noting, I removed several parts of this to a new page because the mods have ruled we can't use Characters/ pages for tropes associated with an entire race (or class, faction, whatever).
11:12:32 AM Oct 8th 2012
Would Meriadoc count as Team Mom for the four Hobbtits on the trip from the Buckland to Bree? Or is there a The Sensible One trope?
04:11:48 PM Nov 12th 2012
I don't think it really fits. Merry is only the group's guide up to the encounter with Old Man Willow; after that, he's as out of his depth as the other three.
02:28:37 PM Jul 20th 2012

  • Hot Amazon: Believe it or not, Galadriel is considered this by the standards of the Ņoldor. One of her birth names was Nerwen, meaning "man-maiden", due to her unusually large stature and strong musculature for an elf woman.

Hot Amazon was transplanted to Amazon Chaser. There is not enough context here to tell if this is misuse, or a good example. If these characters are attracted to her because of her Amazon-ness, please return it to the appropriate character(s) and/or the main work page under the correct trope name.
11:11:26 AM Oct 8th 2012
Neither of those apply to her. She's athletic and fast and capable of fighting, but there's no mention of her "bulking out" nor of people being attracted to her for any specific reason besides her conventional beauty.
07:19:59 PM Dec 30th 2011
I copied the Characters text to a new name-space,

That way, people can write about the characterizations of the film characters on their own pages, not mix it up with the originals.

Also the film pictures bugged me.
07:25:15 PM Dec 30th 2011
edited by Estvyk
Note that this list is filed under Literature while the movie list is filed under Live-Action Film, and I did edit the text for both already, removing tropes and text that don't cross over.
11:39:16 AM Nov 19th 2011
edited by AcidQueen
If this page were to have pictures as many of the other Characters pages do, would illustrations or movie photos be preferred/more appropriate?
11:12:39 PM Oct 3rd 2011
Gollum should get some kind of Badass mention, he resisted the One for six hundred frikkin' years, frequently using the thing. Frodo couldn't hold out just for the trip to Mordor.
07:10:29 AM Oct 4th 2011
Gollum didn't resist a damn thing. His obsession with the ring utterly consumed him.
11:11:49 AM Oct 8th 2012
He resisted fading, but not psychologically.
10:35:43 AM May 10th 2013
edited by
actually he resisted quite well for quite a long time, psychologically included - otherwise smeagol wouldn't exist at all

you know about the ringwraiths and what they are
04:00:03 AM Dec 27th 2010
Isn't this supposed to be more of a really short list of all the tropes rather than detailed explanation of why they apply to the character? Wouldn't the detail be better in the main page, leaving this as a simple list?
01:28:43 PM Dec 27th 2010
Fully cleaning up all of the LOTR related pages has been on my distant to-do list for some time. If you feel like starting the process, go ahead. De-nattering should be a first step.
12:04:10 PM Jun 30th 2013
edited by
I prefer to leave the explanations on this page rather than move them to the main one. A simple list with no details isn't really useful in my opinion, is it? It is better to know how a trope apply than just that it does (idk, the second becomes just a troper's opinion?)

And I think it makes more sense to leave the details here rather than the main page, since that list is a lot longer and a lot messier than this one. Here a troper could explain in one or two short sentences how a trope fit a single character, whereas there there would simply be the list of characters that fit the trope.
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