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01:46:29 PM Dec 28th 2016
  • Killed Off for Real: After its defeat, it disintegrates and leaves the Fused Shadow it was protecting.
  • Killed Off for Real: After its defeat, it disintegrates and leaves the Fused Shadow it was protecting.
  • Killed Off for Real: After its defeat, it disintegrates and leaves the Fused Shadow it was protecting.

I removed these Killed Off for Real entries for the Boss Monsters as most of them weren't characters, and Nintendo could easily bring them back whenever they wanted to.
01:51:51 PM Dec 28th 2016
Besides, Killed Off for Real is for series where Death is Cheap.
06:12:06 AM Dec 29th 2016
Crazy misuse.
10:26:38 AM Oct 13th 2015
Can this Link be considered a Luke Skywalker Expy? He's a blue-eyed, blond swordsman who starts out as a Farm Boy, has no visible parents and his enemies are Darth Vader Clones. The Super Smash Bros 64 character page even mentions Luke in Link's section.
11:28:18 AM Oct 13th 2015
To quote the expy page:

  • Remember that an Expy must be a clearly deliberate reference on the part of the author; superficial or random coincidental similarities (even very striking ones) do not qualify, so if you aren't certain, they probably are not an Expy. Because many character archetypes and tropes that compose characters are universal, it is easy for readers to fall into thinking that a particular character in the same general archetype resembles someone from their favorite show or novel, especially when Small Reference Pools lead readers to overestimate the cultural impact of their favorite characters.

It's more likely that the similarities are coincidental, unless someone at Nintendo confirms they based TP Link on Luke.
12:25:22 PM Oct 6th 2015
Is there a Word of God somewhere saying that Midna is nude? Did Miyamoto or Aonuma ever state that the black parts on Midna's body are actual skin versus clothing a la wearing shadows? Her character page shouldn't reflect one idea or the other until there is official confirmation.
01:02:42 PM Oct 6th 2015
edited by Arawn999
There's no official statement as to whether Midna is naked or not, and given Nintendo's usual demographic that shouldn't come as a surprise, nor is it likely that there ever will be. The debate's been going on between fans ever since the game came out, but Wikipedia and the Legend of Zelda wiki - which a lot of people erroneously take as Word of God - are of the opinion that the black markings are a part of her skin. Looking at Ruto from Ocarina of Time, it wouldn't be the first time Nintendo made a technically-naked female character with Barbie Doll Anatomy in the Zelda series.

If they are clothes, they're ridiculously form-fitting and there's no logical way they'd stay on her body. Plus, in her true form she wears a skirt - and when she's shrunk by Zant her skirt and headdress disappear, so if the black markings are clothes why wouldn't they disappear as well? Even with the other Twili, the patches on their arms gradient from black to pale grey, making it clear that at least some of the markings are a part of their skin.

Regardless, I've commented the nudity-related tropes out.
08:51:32 AM Nov 1st 2012
  • It'sPronouncedTRO-pay DAYNG-gore-O, not DAN-gore-O or DAHN-gore-O

...what is this even getting at? Is that even what It Is Pronounced Tro PAY even means?
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