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12:41:58 PM Jul 23rd 2015
edited by Silverblade2
I explain my deletation. The editor of Badass in Link's decription seems to be only familiar with 3d games because of many wrong facts.

_____ As with most incarnations of Link, most of which [[spoiler: were given or already owned the Triforce of Courage. Not only did this incarnation of Link do everything he did prior to invading Ganon's Tower without the Triforce of Courage, he rebuilt it and was chosen for his hard work. He went through all kinds of hardships and earned it.

=> Not True: TP!Link is the literally only one who already owned the Triforce of Courage by the beginning of the game and OOT!Link who was "given" to him. Zelda1/TAOL!Link goes through the Great Palace to seek it, ALTTP!Link get it after beating Ganon along with the two other pieces, SS!Link find all the pieces just before the confrontation with Demise and ALBW!Link earn it after saving all the sages. And then there are the games where the Triforce doesn't appear at all (Minish Cap, Four Swords, Spirit Track...)

Furthermore, this is one of only three Links to kill (not simply seal or stop) Ganondorf, the others being the Links from The Legend of Zelda and Twilight Princess. He still tops those two; their Ganondorfs were revived later on, while this one seems to be dead for good.]]

=> Again ALTTP!Link also killed Ganon (we see him explode). Ganon also dies at the end of the Oracles games. And Ganon never came back after his demise at the end of Zelda 1 if one follows the official timeline.
09:36:28 AM Nov 3rd 2013
I added pictures of all the bosses a while back, and they were removed without an edit reason. Was something wrong with them?
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