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10:48:39 AM Jan 25th 2014
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Hey, I just reread this series from front to back, and I was thinking that by this point, Ji-Nie is, despite only being introduced in New Waves, almost as major a character as Shi-Woon. I'm thinking of moving her entry to the Main Character folder. I was also thinking maybe Sera Kang as well. What do you guys think?

If nobody replies in the next five days or so, I'll just assume nobody has any objections and go ahead and move at least Ji-Nie.
04:08:33 PM Jan 26th 2014
If you move Ji-Nie, you would have to move Shi-ho and probably Elder Kwon as well. Shi-ho was heavily involved in the first Breaker series and Elder Kwon has been heavily featured/involved with every other arc. I think having it just be Shi-Woon and Chun Woo in the main character folder is fine for now. The other characters are still heavily involved but there is no doubt the focus of the story lies on those two mostly.
07:33:17 AM Jan 30th 2014
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I don't quite agree with you, but you make a good point none the less. I for one don't exactly see a problem with putting them all in there (maybe not Elder Kwon), but I won't push it if other people don't think it's a good idea.

I'm just saying that, central to the plot that Chun-Woo is, Jinie and Sera have gotten just as much, if not more, total screen time and focus, and to me, they just don't classify as supporting characters by this point. As for Shiho, now that I think about it, I'm curious as to why she was never in the Main Character folder to begin with. She was a main character for the first part of the series, no question.
07:24:01 AM Feb 24th 2014
Alright, I'm going to ask again: should Shiho, Jin-Ie, and Sera be moved to the Main Character folder. All three of them really are main characters: Shiho from part one, Jin-Ie and Sera from part 2. As it is, there's only one person who thinks it's a bad idea, and I'd rather have a bit more consensus than that. If nobody replies in a few days, I'll move them.
04:53:27 AM Feb 25th 2014
Hello again. Still have to ask since so far it is just the two of us, what exactly makes the characters you want to move "main characters"? Shi-Woon and Chun Woo are obviously the primary focus and the two both series and other characters gravitate around. Despite their big presences in certain arcs, Shiho, Jin-Ie and Sera are not close to having the same level of focus. Heck, Jin-Ie barely seems to get more then a couple lines of exposition in arcs at all these days. They are primary supporting characters and important but putting them at the top of the character sheet just makes it easier for people to walk into spoilers about how important they are when it isn't necessary for the story.

You are right a consensus needs to be made but let two or more people actually come out in favor of the move rather then just saying if no one replies in a couple of days you will unilaterally move them.
08:10:26 AM Apr 4th 2014
Alright, fair enough. I would like to point out, though, that Chun Woo is only central to the plot in the first series. His existence has some consequences in the second series, but really, most of the conflict is only loosely related to him until about chapter 134. And by this point, he's only received focus for less than half the series. Technically, the only one who really qualifies as a main character is Shi Woon.

Come to think of it, would you be opposed to having a Shi Woon folder, and then moving Chun Woo to Black Forest? Just an idea.
09:01:15 AM Apr 5th 2014
Honestly, I'd have no problem with that. You are right while his shadow is heavy in New Waves, it is obvious that Shi Woon is and has taken full control over the main character spot light at this point now that he can actually fight and takes stands for what/whom ever he believes in.

No opposition from me in that move, although I do wish we had another voice in this discussion so that it wasn't just the two of us.
08:15:14 AM Apr 6th 2014
Sent a PM to Klaudandus about the topic, he says is ok with moving Chun Woo to the Black Forest folder as well.
01:10:25 PM Apr 10th 2014
Bitchin'. Let's do this.
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