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08:37:41 PM Dec 16th 2012
I think this page needs to be rewritten a bit. From what I've seen there are two groups, one that loves everything about this season and thinks it's one of the best, and another group that hates this season, thinks the cast was dull, and hates the winners. I feel that it's enough of a Base Breaker to warrant mentioning, so it's not like if people hated 3 or 5.
09:08:27 PM Dec 16th 2012
Yes, there are lots of people who hate 3, they say it started slow, had lots of Foregone Conclusion eliminations, only really got interesting once there were four teams left, and had one of the worst winners ever.

Season 7 is easily the most popular season, yet there are still people who call it the worst season ever.

There are people out there who loved family edition, and want it to happen again.

I was once part of a board that the majority of the posters' favorite season was 6, and would defend it vehemently.

There's never going to be a consensus on whether or not a season is great, so of course there's going to be out there who hate everything about it. For right now the majority appears to side with the "Great cast, great season" point of view, and the detractors to that right now are just being a very vocal minority.
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