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05:20:10 AM Jan 16th 2015
Can I ask why you took away the Always Someone Better Trope, I think you description of the Ace is more like Always Someones Better than the Ace
12:10:23 PM Jan 16th 2015
Always Someone better is when you have someone who's portrayed as great at what they do, but then come across someone who's better than them. You can have both the Ace and Always someone better apply, they're both similar tropes, but the problem is, other than Art & J.J., none of these teams are anything special, so the fact that every team feels inferior to them, even the mediocre teams, would not make them Always Someone Better. And Art & J.J. are not portrayed like Ernie & Cindy were, with having a huge complex about the dominating team.
11:34:04 PM Jan 14th 2015
edited by Polisi25
Almighty Blue. Okay, though Team Army said that they bonded with Brenchel after the U-Turn drama. And the Guidos said that they were just nice with everyone. And bring in manuscripts of the deleted scenes from the episodes so I can look.
12:31:40 AM Jan 15th 2015
When did they say they bonded with Brenchel? They never bonded with Brenchel. They didn't care about Brenchel either way, unless you're talking about post race interviews, in which case those don't matter. Interviews and what happens outside of the season are secondary to the story told on the show on these pages. This is about what's shown on TV, not real life.

And the I don't have manuscripts of the Deleted Scenes, I just have the actual deleted scenes, so I don't need manuscripts. And Rachel Brown said they were staying out of the other teams' drama. They didn't care about anyone else, just the race.

And Joey and Danny aren't the Guidos, there's only 1 team Guido, and they were on Season 1
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