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07:19:53 PM Apr 17th 2012
Does Evan Tolliver belong under Other Major Characters or Other Minor Characters? I moved him to Major Characters due to his multiple point-of-view chapters in the last few books (he's responsible for a lot of information about what's going on in the Command Center, at that), but would like other opinions on this.
02:58:10 PM Apr 19th 2012
I think he's just as major a character in Cahills vs. Vespers as most of the other Cahills, such as Jonah, so I agree with the move. Still, he's not really featured that much in the first series. Maybe the Characters Exclusive to... Cahills vs. Vespers folder should be changed to include characters who are present in the first series but more prominent in the second, like Evan.
05:21:25 PM May 16th 2012
Alright, thanks for the feedback. Moved Evan and the Wyoming twins to the Characters Exclusive... folder.
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