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05:03:45 AM Dec 5th 2010
Do this article only restricted for anime characters, or can we add other characters from official doujins and novels?
05:14:57 AM Sep 3rd 2010
edited by commando552
I have only watched the anime, so son't wan't to go changing stuff if it is not the case in the manga, but why does everything quote Miyafuji's and Sakamoto's weapon as a 13mm Type 99 machine gun? First off the Type 99 machine gun is 7.7mm, and not 13mm, and secondly it is clearly not this gun anyway, but is a Type 99-1 20mm cannon of the flexible mount type with a (probably) 60 round drum. Do they use different guns in the novels/manga, or what?
10:35:24 AM Sep 4th 2010
Well, Sakamoto and Miyafuji use Type 99-2 Model 2 Machine Guns, which is based off of Type 99-2 Cannons, but chambered for 12.7mm ammo. So, they use fictional modified version of Type99-2 Cannons. And most Imperial Fuso Navy Witches seems to use this. But some Imperial Fuso Army witches has been carrying different weapons such as Type 98 Machine Gun(copy of dual mounted MG 15), Type 97 20 mm anti-tank rifle, Type 38 Rifle, and Ho-401 Cannon.
12:33:48 AM Jul 30th 2011
edited by tocahan
Her Japanese rank is Kaigun Shōsa, roughly "Naval Major". The western naval equivalent is Lieutenant Commander. The RAF equivalent is Squadron Leader. The Imperial Japanese Army & Navy used the same ranks, differentiating them by kaigun (navy) and rikugun (army). Whoops. This should be with first topic.
11:50:31 PM Aug 19th 2010
  • So what is Sakamoto's rank? She is called "Major(Shousa)" in Japanese and English translated version of the anime, probably because it's direct translation. But since she belongs to the Imperial Fuso Navy her equivalent rank(OF-3 on NATO rank code) in British and American Navy would be the Lieutenant Commander. However, her rank as a Major/Lieutenant Commander only applies while she is in the Allied Forces. According to the DVD booklet, all personnel dispatched to the Allied Forces from their original country have a temporary promotion of one rank. So Sakamoto is technically Imperial Fuso Navy Captain(Taii)/Lieutenant and Allied Forces Major(Shousa)/Lieutenant Commander. And if she is treated under the British Air Force ranking(because 501st JFW was under British command in Season 1), she is Squadron Leader.... SO WHAT IS HER RANK!!!!!
02:35:38 AM Aug 21st 2010
The various sources are conflicting on everybody's rank. I propose we use Episode 2 of Season 2 crunchyroll subs because it is the most recent, it is in cannon, and its the version most people will be familiar with.
07:54:16 PM Oct 10th 2010
The problem is that the Japanese version uses grades, not ranks, for everyone. The difference is that a grade applies to all types of military forces, while a rank is just for one branch. For instance, the grade Shousa would correspond to a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, a Major in the Army, and a Squadron Leader in the Air Force.

Now if the canon translations were at least consistent, we could just go with those, but that sadly isn't the case. Season 1 of the anime uses Air Force ranks for everyone except Sakamoto, who gets an Army rank for some bizarre reason. Season 2 is at least consistent with giving everyone Army ranks, even if it doesn't make that much sense. Since it at least has consistency on its side, going with the Season 2 ranks may be the best option. Personally I'd prefer to use Air Force ranks, though, as it is explicitly a Fighter Wing.

So if we go with all of this, Sakamoto was a Lieutenant in the Fusa Navy, but she received a temporary promotion of one grade upon joining the 501st, making her a Lieutenant Commander within the Navy and a Squadron Leader within the Fighter Wing.
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