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01:17:49 PM Jan 8th 2017
I request we lock the Other Gems page until the fifth Steven Bomb airs. The bomb has been leaked and plenty of new Gems appear during these episodes.
08:01:07 PM Oct 13th 2016
edited by Crossover-Enthusiast
Should the Watermelon Stevens really be under Other Threats, now that they've become a more peaceful society?
08:06:44 AM Aug 14th 2016
I noticed that pretty much every crystal gem has sharp teeth.Here is a link: Should Cute Little Fangs be added to the Gem folder? I mean, Steven is the only human that has sharp teeth(besides Marty) due to his Gem-y nature... Should it be added to every individual gem that has displayed it and then later add it to the Gem folder if it is proven via Word of God or something?
11:16:05 PM Aug 9th 2016
Now that you guys are "unspoilering" the first two seasons, shouldn't we move Peridot's tropes to Other Crystal Gems since her joining occurred in the penultimate episode of Season 2? It's probably for the best in hindsight since more Homeworld Gems will be appearing and making that page larger.
03:19:33 AM Jul 30th 2016
Should there be a page under Crystal Gyms made for Bismuth? The leaked promotional materials outright confirm her to be a CG member and have juuuust enough of her character exposed to make a coherent page slot.
09:24:13 AM Jun 3rd 2015
Should we merge the categories "Crystal Gems" and "Other Gems" in to a single Gem category? It seems redundant to have two different categories of gems.
01:31:29 PM Jan 27th 2016
There is a line separating Crystal Gems as a group from the other Gems and Homeworld, so IMHO it's better not to merge it. The only issue I have is the Gems section on the Crystal Gem page, because it lists tropes relevant to Gems as species, not just the CGs.
12:31:45 PM May 15th 2015
I'm going to move the "Steven Universe - Beach City Residents" page to "Steven Universe - Humans", because some of those characters don't actually live in Beach City.
04:07:35 AM Jan 9th 2015
All spoiler tags were removed by Tropesofknowledge, is that really ok?
04:00:00 PM Sep 25th 2014
Should we add a new section since the revelation that the Gem Monsters the Crystal Gems fight were corrupted Gems? If so, should we label it as "Other Gems"?
07:36:16 PM Sep 25th 2014
I think so! It doesn't really fit to call them Crystal Gems until they stand with the main crew.
06:10:09 PM Feb 24th 2014
Should we add Opal as a new Gem character? (and any later fusions for that matter, I'm sure they'll show up at some point)
09:10:18 PM Feb 16th 2014
How do we know that Onion is a Fryman?
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