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08:41:07 AM Jan 6th 2015
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Pulled this from JD's listing.

  • Nice Guy: One of the nicest around, though it didn't get him any sympathy from the characters (Or, frustratingly, the show writers). He has his moments where he's not so nice, just like everyone else.

The parabombing is unnecessary, and the second sentence kinda undermines the point ("As nice as a normal person" isn't really the trope). Not to mention that despite the text, it's basically a ZCE since nothing about it gives context to his actual niceness. And... he's kinda not really a Nice Guy. He's not a Jerkass (usually), but he's very self-centered, pretty rude at times, and realistically flawed. I'd say he's a good human being, but not a Nice Guy as far as the trope goes. He gets called out on it enough that it prolly doesn't apply.

04:42:26 AM Jan 8th 2015
That's actually a really good point. Would you say he's more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold because despite his rudeness, self-centred and flawed nature, he still goes above and beyond to help out his friends and patients?
10:16:17 AM Jan 8th 2015
I don't think he's even that. If anything, he'd be closer to a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing because his nice, goofy, side is on the outside, but I don't think his good side is "sheep"y enough and his dark side is "bitchy" enough. He's just... a guy who's pretty nice, but not overly so. He's just a realistic guy. Which isn't really a trope as far as that goes.
05:07:31 AM Jan 9th 2015
Probably better off just not having any entry on his niceness then, it's too hard to decide what he comes under.
10:30:03 AM Jan 9th 2015
Agreed. I just don't think he really falls under any. He's just a realistically flawed, decent (but not great) person.

At worst, It's All About Me because he is pretty self-centered, like when he was mad his brother getting his life together.
07:58:36 PM Jan 9th 2015
At least he gets called out on his mistakes and tries to fix them, unlike Elliot who got away with most of her worst actions until finally getting called out on how bad she'd become in Season 8.
05:55:09 PM Oct 16th 2016
JD should count as a nice guy. He does come off as egotistical and rude at times but most of his times his intentions are either harmless or in the right place and whenever he does realize he's in the wrong, he backs off. At the end of the day, JD always chooses his friends and morals over his own selfishness. His more jerkass moments are normally when he didn't intend for any wrong.
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