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12:45:19 PM Aug 3rd 2012

  • Pettanko: Not that she haven't a shape to show at all before her "remodeling", but it's easy to see why she easily passed as a boy.

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.
03:56:54 PM Jul 4th 2012
Regarding my edit a moment before this post:

Schlock actually died, the Schlock we have now is a reproduction using an unauthorized copy of Schlock's memories put into a "blank" amorph.

Still need to update this example, mind you, just that the previous edit wasn't accurate.
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