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06:16:26 AM Jan 14th 2012
edited by Orihime
Deleted some bits in Sapphir's space for the following reasons:

- Sapphir doesn't seme to be as much of a "crazy clingy bitch" as the editor seems to think he is. More often than not, his own jealousy is quite more restrained and kept under wraps than Esmeraude's; in fact, afaik the only time he openly admits it is when he lectures Esmeraude on *her* jealousy, then admits his own.

- Belligerent Sexual Tension? I'm not that sure. Whether they have feelings for each other or not, I don't think they qualify as this since... er, they don't exactly fight and squabble while hiding said feelings. I simply don't see them fitting the trope.

- Considering how Sapphir seemed to be more cold and restrained than jerk-ish, I'd say he might quality more as either The Stoic or a mild Sugar and Ice Personality than a Tsundere.

- And specially... due to this. If someone scrolls down enough, they'll see that EurAsianGirl is one of the LJ handles used by a rather infamous wanker to escape her ban from a certain LJ comm. What does this mean? EurAsianGirlis actually the "secret identity" of said wanker, also known as Fire Miko Kagome / Hikari Of Dark 4 / Red Arisu / Shai Lang/.etc. That explains a LOT: she is now trying to shoehorn her OTP into tropes that they don't necessarily belong to in desperate attempts to "validate" it, aftewr having harrassed people in attempts to get them to RP it with them. (Alongside lots of other shit).

So yeah. If you're gonna add Dirmando/Sapphir tropes, it's fine. But at least make sure either guy actually does fit into them. And cover your really wanky i-net backstory better.
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