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06:06:45 PM Sep 15th 2014
About the double standard re: Luna and Artemis. I think it might be a little unfair to call her a hypocrite for her crush on Yaten in the anime, because Yaten's a HUMAN and it was mostly played for laughs.

Did she ever crush on anyone other than Yaten and Kakeru, though? After Artemis showed up? Because if not, a cat crushing on humans isn't the same as a cat in a committed relationship fathering a kitten with another cat. There's no chance of Luna actually GETTING with those dudes aside from spending one night as a human with Kakeru.
10:06:29 AM Jan 19th 2015
Even leaving the whole species thing aside, there is a world of difference between having a crush on someone who saved your life and having a kid you significant other doesn't know about.
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