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05:49:21 PM Jul 24th 2013
Calling Starla Muscleman's "on and off" girlfriend isn't really a valid statement. They broke up once, in her debut episode, and since then have remained a loyal couple. Despite Muscleman's somewhat irrational worries that she'll dump him for small reasons, such as a bald spot on his head, Starla's not really an "on and off" girlfriend.
03:50:25 PM May 22nd 2013
It seems Benson is referred to as being a gumball machine "far more often" than Mordecai is referred to as a blue jay, Rigby is referred to as a raccoon, etc. Is that something?
09:17:15 PM May 22nd 2013
"Also," Rigby's arms (especially in Grilled Cheese Deluxe) can "really" stretch! I'm sure there's a trope for that kind of thing.