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08:18:07 PM Jan 12th 2018
Why is Hanners not considered a main character? And why is Marigold considered one? The cast page lists Hanners 5th and Marigold drops below Sven.
11:02:18 PM Jan 12th 2018
edited by TheBigBopper
I would also like an explanation. On one hand, the fact that Marigold comes after Sven on the official cast page shouldn't be interpreted as a ranking of the characters, since it looks to me as if Jeph just listed characters in the order he introduced them. One result of this is that character's anthro PCs tend to follow before the next human character: i.e., Marten, Pintsize, Faye; and Hannelore, Winslow, Sven. On the other hand, to categorize Marigold as a main character while leaving out Hannelore defies common sense. Hannelore was a member of the core group before Marigold, and they are both prominently featured in character arcs as well as the merch and advertising. They're both main characters if you ask me.
09:15:41 PM Jan 13th 2018
Sven, Steve, and Raven (at the least), all appeared before Hanners, so the cast page isn't straight list in order of appearance.
06:10:19 PM Feb 13th 2017
Out of curiosity, would the rest of the fighting ring robots warrant their own collective folder? Jeffrey deserves mention as something like a Small Role, Big Impact for giving Bubbles the idea to open up to Faye (which may or may not have put Spookybot on their trail) and otherwise being very limited in his appearances, and Punchbot is one hell of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer for being a CPA despite a hobby that involves being repeatedly punched in the head.

I don't know that they deserve individual folders, but maybe together...?
06:26:50 PM Feb 5th 2015
Beatrice Chatham : Word of God: Her first name has only been mentioned in annotations.

I deleted this line because Beatrice Chatham's first name actually was mentioned in the strip itself.
05:21:39 PM Nov 21st 2014
Since when is Marten an Author Avatar? Wasn't it established that he is, to the surprise of many, explicitly not one?
12:58:27 PM Oct 4th 2014
edited by
Regarding Marten and sexual promiscuity tropes like The Casanova and Really Gets Around; they do not apply. Having a one night stand does not result in either of those tropes. Having one long term relationship, one short relationship, and a single one night stand (that he feels very uncomfortable about) does not result in either of those tropes. Having a one night stand does not result in either of those tropes. The main character having more relationship focus does not result in either of those tropes. For that matter, having relationships does not result in either of those tropes. Neither does Ship Tease. This is not even ambiguous; having 3 sexual relationships over an estimated 2 year period does not make a person either of those tropes. Looking at the trope descriptions should make this very obvious.

Comparisons to other cast members should be irrelevant, but since they're being used I'll point out that having three sexual relationships while most other cast members have had one or none still does not particularly stand out. The tropes refer to characters that have not just more, but a lot more. And by the way, Steve was with Ellen, Tortura, Meena, and now Cosette, three of those being sexual relationships (Ellen was underage), the same as Marten.
08:53:13 AM Oct 6th 2014
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Those are nonsensical entries. Those tropes aren't relative to other cast members, and even if they were, Marten is nowhere near a qualifier for those.

Given the guy who added them was suspended, I feel like we can pull it.
09:10:41 AM Feb 2nd 2013
edited by Katsuhagi
Just FYI, Trans Equals Gay does not mean "trans person who happens to be attracted to someone who is the same biological sex as themselves" which was how it was being used for Claire on this page, so I took it off. Plus it's been implied she's actually bisexual (or possibly pansexual), and if she's only attracted to men then she's actually heterosexual as she's a woman.
07:04:22 PM Jan 26th 2013
So why does Claire's trans status need to be marked for spoilers?
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