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03:40:27 PM Jan 12th 2017
edited by ReynTime250
Lillie = Rei Ayanami Expy? It was accepted for quite a while being almost 2 months since the games release but it just got deleted because her hair is a different color than Rei. As far as I am aware you don't need everything to pass as a Rei Ayanami Expy just mostly everything and she mostly does fit the bill of one. Also while she's not emotionless she shows very little at the start of the game so can I change it back?
01:07:42 PM Jan 13th 2017
What? No. Honestly the only similarities I can see is that she has a relationship with the Big Bad and she's got a Dark and Troubled Past... which is hilariously vague.
01:10:05 PM Dec 29th 2016
Youngster Tristan's name is the same in the Japanese version? If not, someone knows his original name?
07:42:11 AM Dec 31st 2016
edited by MagBas
After some research, i discovered his name is Tarou.
10:14:14 AM Dec 6th 2016
Has it been confirmed in-game that the Mohn in Poké Pelago is the same Mohn who was the president of Aether Foundation before going missing? Is it really okay to write it as if it's confirmed?
10:46:41 AM Dec 6th 2016
No, it's never straight up confirmed, but it's pretty obvious and heavily implied.
12:16:48 AM Nov 27th 2016
Quick question of opinion regarding a scene in Sun and Moon:

Does the scene where the Protagonist and Lillie take shelter in the cave on Exeggutor Island strike anyone else as an Aborted Declaration of Love on Lillie's part?
06:11:19 PM Dec 27th 2014
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I have an issue with Zinnia's Jerkass Has a Point entry. She never actually proves her statement about the Alternate Universe is true and relies on a nostalgia-based Player Punch to get the player to sympathize with her.
06:15:11 PM Dec 27th 2014
Well if it weren't for her, the player wouldn't have destroyed the impending doom that was the meteor.
12:36:40 PM Nov 30th 2014
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Since there's been something of an edit war going on regarding Zinnia, I'm surprised I didn't see any discussion going on here.

My understanding, based on watching the Delta Episode several times, was that Zinnia chose the player to take her place as Loremaster after she took her "trip into space", and that she intended to die fulfilling her duty to save the world. This is based on the remarks made by the leader of the Draconids, Zinnia's speeches in the Mossdeep Space Center and on the roof of the Sky Pillar, and the incantation she uses to summon Rayquaza, which explicitly states "my life as well I offer." Her response to Rayquaza reacting to the player and not her was surprise, meaning she didn't take not being chosen into account, further evidenced by her Heroic B.S.O.D. when Rayquaza failed to Mega Evolve and her statement after the player captures it. As far as Death Seeker goes, her speech on top of the Sky Pillar makes it fairly explicit that she wanted to die to be reunited with Aster, and if that doesn't make her a death seeker, then what does it make her? Also, she qualifies as a Type A (Depressed) Stepford Smiler since, as her conversation on the top of the Sky Pillar reveals, she is far more melancholy over the loss of the original Aster than her cheerful facade indicates.

Tropes can be implicit, and the implication that the human Aster was Zinnia's daughter comes from her use of term of endearment such as "dear", from her outright calling Aster the Whismur her daughter in Team Magma/Aqua's base, and from her speech on top of the Sky Pillar. Regardless, I also don't see how Aster the Whismur isn't a Replacement Goldfish since the Laconic for that trope is "Character adopts/creates a replacement for a lost loved one." That fits Zinnia's treatment of Whismur!Aster to a T, even if human Aster wasn't her daughter.
02:41:19 PM Nov 30th 2014
edited by
It's interesting, as I was apparently edit banned just for stating facts, yet Kaxrida kept changing it.
04:10:32 PM Nov 30th 2014
edited by
I PM'd Kaxrida and they said they asked a couple of friends who agreed that Zinnia didn't qualify as a Death Seeker for the reasons stated in the ATT. In any case, at least one moderator agrees with Kaxrida, which is why you were edit-banned. I made an Alternate Character Interpretation entry on the Ruby/Sapphire YMMV page.
03:29:52 AM Dec 1st 2014
It wasn't an admin, it was a moderator (me), and it was not because I agreed with anybody on the material but because demongodofchaos2 was edit warring about it. There is no excuse for edit warring, bad example writeups and rude edit reasons at all, regardless of what "facts" say.
10:17:49 AM Dec 1st 2014
edited by
I see. I don't think my example write-ups were bad, since I explained why (in my opinion) Zinnia qualifies for those tropes based on the evidence I outlined in my original post up above, but I still got threatened with being edit-banned. IMO, the moment it seemed like an edit war was about to start the topic should have been brought here for civil discussion, but unfortunately that didn't happen.
10:23:36 AM Jun 15th 2014
Signature Move has been misused on these pages. I've replaced them with Weapon of Choice since that is the idea behind the original entries.
04:36:15 AM Oct 9th 2012
Would Professor Burrnet of Dream Radar count for this page? I can think of a few tropes.

08:14:37 AM Oct 9th 2012
Sure. Does she have any official artwork to use as the picture?
04:18:42 PM Oct 9th 2012
Yeah. here
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