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03:25:47 AM Jul 8th 2012
I'm pulling this example to here because there's disagreement whether a Truant-less Slaking would be Purposefully Overpowered or just a plain Game-Breaker.
  • Magikarp Power: Slakoth is slightly stronger than the Com Mons, but is killed by its ability. Vigoroth is an all-arround solid Pokémon. Slaking hits like a truck, is fast, has loads of HP and decent defenses, and the only thing keeping it out of being Purposefully Overpowered is its ability*.
05:26:33 AM Jul 8th 2012
We have agreed upon refraining from using Game-Breaker on those pages, so we just use Purposefully Overpowered for stuff with insane stats. And having a stat total 10 points short of Mewtwo IS tailor made for Purposed Overpowerness. Things like Blaziken or Excadrill became Game Breakers not by stats alone, while normal-form Kyurem is Purposefully Overpowered but not to the point of being a game breaker. Adding it back in, seeing Magikarp Power still applies in spades, and in my judgement, with the arguments I've been providing, Slaking's stats qualify for Purposefully Overpowered, as I've justified my point of view.
05:48:19 AM Jul 8th 2012
Actually, we just use Purposefully Overpowered to things forbidden in Battle Tower, official tournaments, etc.- because it proves intention.
06:11:16 AM Jul 8th 2012
Slaking and Regigigas have the same stat total as thigs forbidden in those things, but aren't included in the Ban Lists due to their abilities. I am sure that the numbers prove intention, to be honest, it just requires 30 seconds of thinking about it. That Citation Needed policy is just because of you acting like this was The Other Wiki, while we are at that.
08:40:36 AM Jul 8th 2012
The rule used in the Purposefully Overpowered page is "if it's justified, it's done on purpose.".
08:48:35 AM Jul 8th 2012
I would object if it were listed as Purposefully Overpowered, but the context is clearly referring to how it would be without its drawback. Obviously it's not an example, but the pothole isn't claiming that it's an example, it's pointing out that it has the same base stats as Uber-tier legendaries that are Purposefully Overpowered, which seems like a valid usage to me.

I'm with Eriorguez here. I say go ahead and replace it.
08:57:51 AM Jul 8th 2012
edited by MagBas
Without the drawback, it continues being a non-justified example. It implies that the only thing that it needs to be an example is the lack of the drawback.
03:43:07 AM Jul 23rd 2012
edited by Eriorguez
It is justified, having tailor-made stats that total to an equivalent of that of the oh so very overpowered version mascots. It is the sole case of a Com Mon having a stat total 10 points short of freaking Mewtwo, and I say that stat total alone is enough proof, seeing it is usually kept for super legendaries.

The problem is not the trope, it is you failing to understand it. A 670 BST IS Purposefully Overpowered in this series pretty much by definition, as we have that thing called deductive reasoning and understand the choices Game Freak does. It is justified, I don't see how you can't understand that. You are going all Obstructive Bureaucrat with this, to be honest:

-BST range of the fully evolved Pokemon of Petalburg Woods excluiding the Slakoth line: 385-460. -Average BST of all fully evolved Normal types: 470

It just takes to put 2 and 2 together. I just don't know why it is such a big deal to use a trope in a freaking description, with basis in simple reasoning.
06:09:00 PM Jul 25th 2012
Of the Justified Trope page: "A justified trope is one in which, in its common usage, runs counter to the normal laws of logic and probability but in a particular instance has a concrete reason for applying to the story. In other words, a trope is "justified" if it is required by other pre-existing elements in the story — otherwise the explanation is a Hand Wave."
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