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09:36:16 AM Jul 22nd 2014
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Poor Flareon's excellent Attack stat was rendered useless by a lack of moves that are powered by it, leading to most trainers choosing one of its alternate Eeveelutions. In the sixth generation, it finally got Flare Blitz, but Entei also got Sacred Fire, leading it to be overshadowed anyway.

Apparently isn't valid, though the person who pulled it failed to give any reason. Could you elaborate, please?
10:38:55 AM Jul 22nd 2014
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We aren't allowed to post Overshadowed by Awesome on the Pokémon character pages because they refer to the metagame, and all metagame-related tropes for Pokémon are to be posted on Smogon's page.
12:56:39 PM Jul 22nd 2014
Thank you. I didn't think it applied because it was valid for non-competitive play, but if Overshadowed by Awesome isn't allowed then that's simple enough.
09:15:31 PM Feb 11th 2013
On the subject of Ninfia, it's speculation to note it as a new Eeveelution at the moment. We don't know anything about it other than its name, height and weight, and while the latter two are close to the other Eeveelutions, its name follows the naming patterns of Glaceon and Leafeon, which given that up until now each new batch of Eeveelutions uses a new naming pattern, would imply that Ninfia is not an Eeveelution.

Bottomline - we can't call it confirmed yet.
09:22:18 PM Feb 11th 2013
edited by PDL
Nevermind the fact that the same scan that revealed Ninfia has Eevee with arrows pointing toward Ninfia, implying that it is a part of the family.

If it somehow isn't confirmed, then there's sure a lot of implying that it is related...
07:02:58 PM Feb 13th 2013
It is now officially confirmed as an eeveelution. However the type and evolutionary methods are currently unknown.

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